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Established in 2014, Stones District provides a wide array of fully-fledged services in the real estate investment and urban development sectors. Since its inception, Stones District has enhanced their presence in a myriad of well-established frontier markets as well as emerging ones, in addition to the main ones characterized by strong, thriving economies. Now, Stones District exists in 20 cities and has headquarters in Malaysia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt, among others. Through their existence in Egypt, the company aims at contributing to the current real estate development leaping towards magnifying the role of urbanization in the progress of the country. The company has a diverse portfolio of projects that comprise mixed-use units and multi-functional real estate products that rely heavily on the latest smart solutions and technologies aimed at creating an elevated lifestyle

Delta Landmark

The identity of the plaza is embodied in the name, Gioia, which translates to "happiness" in Italian, The concept of the plaza is for it to be an enjoyable experience and delivering place when it comes to the user needs, It is designed to be an easily accessible space with interesting and fun outdoor spaces, The design is meant to promote visual continuity to encourage users to move through the space, Gioia Plaza's main goal is to be an entertaining and delightful adventure.

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