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About us

MRB started by introducing the new service concept to the Egyptian market, as no one had ever introduced a facility management consultancy.

So, when MRB succeeded in doing so in 2020, introducing the right concept of consultancy in the market, the concept is to address such a new concept to the developers when using the consultancy, and it should be with the start of drawing the building itself.

facility management consultant

The stages of research

Design Review

Mall Design Management

Phase of leasing


E-Facility Management



Our Clients

Thousand square meters
Mixed units managed by MRB
projects got developed by MRB
Developers got MRB’s consultation
Integrated Compatible services


Compatible services

This service is a multi-step service that enhances overall productivity. By creating an integrated system that starts from the business concept and ending the managerial system of the project. However, the following steps will introduce how it works



According to MRB’s vision, this company wants to provide the best services. Hence, the company keeps updating its services. However, one of the most popular trends for commercial projects nowadays is the use of smart services.

Benefits of the Smart

System's technology

Let us talk about the 2030 Egyptian vision that looks to make everything more civilized and up-to-date, and, that is how the new administrative capital works, so, eventually, such a smart system will be necessary.



It has begun to research the necessary management techniques to provide the best service possible. However, we have done this perfectly, which created the ability to obtain the following ISO certifications from the United Kingdom.

ISO 41001:2018

This certificate shows that we are following the international protocol in facility management and management systems.

ISO 45001:2018

This certificate addresses that we are following the folly international protocol in (occupation Health & Safety Management Systems).

ISO 55001:2014

This certificate shows that we are following the international protocol in asset management and management systems.

ISO 9001:2015

This certificate verifies that we adhere to the international protocol in our quality management system. ISO: This certificate demonstrates that we are following the folly international protocol in (environmental management system).

Our Cooperation With

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