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MRB started by introducing the new service concept to the Egyptian market, as no one had ever introduced a facility management consultancy. So, when MRB succeeded in doing so in 2020, introducing the right concept of consultancy to the market, the concept is to address such a new concept to the developers when using the consultancy, and it should be with the start of drawing the building itself.

Integrated compatible service

This service is a multi-step service that enhances overall productivity. By creating an integrated system that starts from the business concept and ending the managerial system of the project. However, the following steps will introduce how it works


Business plan

The business concept development. In this step, MRB will study the business’s plan, objectives, vision and mission, then it will start to evolve and develop how the business will achieve the optimum value.


Architectural concept

The architectural concept creation in this stage of development is going to generate multiple concepts to apply the perfect one, according to the marketing and feasibility studies that have been created before


Introduce architectural

MRB’s team will introduce architectural interior, exterior, landscape, shop designs, and the interior areas according to the full facility operation requirements, the locations’ culture studies while applying a stunning look of the design

facility management consultant

The stages of research

Design Review

Mall Design Management

Phase of leasing


E-Facility Management



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