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al-masria developments

al-masria developments

It is a contracting company established by Mr., Ahmed Khalaf, and this company witnessed many successes, as this march began with the Misria 1 project and met great success in the real estate market in Assiut in 2014, and successes continued until the Egyptian Project 16, and then the company established many towers until it reached Al Misria 34, But Mr., Ahmed Khalaf was not satisfied with this, as he developed his projects and decided to establish the Claude Clinic, which is a medical mall and the first of its kind in the region, and not only that, but also the establishment of Mobi Zone Mall, which is the first mall dedicated to smart phones ln Assiut and many other projects, such as the new car spare parts project and the Al-Qusour project, which includes 8 luxurious palaces containing fruit gardens, an area of 2 acres.

Cloud Clinics

Assiut Governorate, Al-Hamra District, Al- Thawra Street, Hawd Al-Zaraa, Plot No, 21, and the project area in total, 2530 It consists of two basements and ground floors with four medical floors.


1750 square meters, Assiut Governorate, Al- Hamra District, Al-Thawra Street, two basements and ground floor, four commercials specialized with smart phones, Commercial and entertainment mall in Dumyat Area 2816 Stadium Road, New Damietta City, Kufr Saad Damietta contains of a basement and commercial, consisting of three floors

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