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Al-Azhar University Teaching Faculty Club

Al-Azhar University Teaching Faculty Club Development

The Al-Azhar University Teaching Faculty Club has proven its excellence and experience in building high-quality real estate projects in the real estate market, in addition to achieving the best investment opportunity, and this is through its projects, which are among the most important landmarks of the Administrative Capital. It has sought to achieve all the elements of success, choosing the best locations - the best prices for sale and payment systems. It was keen to adhere to the timetable for delivery on the specified dates by a work team characterized by professionalism and commitment to establish its projects and achieve its goal of building an integrated project to gain the trust of its customers, because its basic motto is It is to provide credibility, which is the cornerstone of every project, and to make it a shopping destination, and this is what it has implemented. Through Stau Mall and Golden Center

STAU new capital

The Stau Mall project in the New Administrative Capital is one of the first commercial projects of the Al-Azhar University Members Club Association in the capital, and it cannot be considered an ordinary commercial mall like other commercial malls The total area of ​​the mall is 9,172 square meters with a facade of 166 meters, and it contains 84 commercial units distributed on the ground and first floors, while the s The project is distinguished by its unique distinctive design and relies on simplicity in design. The project is very distinguished by its modernity and modern designs, which makes it an attractive area for visitors who love the elegance and modernity of designs under the supervision of the Engineering Consultant Office, A-D: Ahmed Fouad Sabry. econd floor includes 50 administrative units. The project includes several floors divided into a basement, ground floor, two upper floors, and a roof


The Golden center Project combines commercial and administrative features and is distinguished by its distinguished location in the heart of the distinguished district (RY - B2) in the New Administrative Capital, with an area of ​​68 acres, as it is 32 km away from the Public University on the southern 90th Street in New Cairo City, and also 60 km away from the headquarters of Al-Azhar University, Nasr City. In Cairo, it is adjacent to the British University in Qalb. The distinguished neighborhood (RY) in the Administrative Capital is about a hundred meters from the Express Train 4 station, near the presidential headquarters - the Ministries District - the Convention Center - the Administrative Capital Airport - the City of Culture and Arts - and the Al-Mutamayezimi Ring Road. In addition to a neighboring group of distinguished residential units such as (Midtown - Sorouh Project - Akam Project - Misr Iran Project - Fidaa Control)

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