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GOLDEN TOWN Development

GOLDEN TOWN Development

Golden Town Developments established real estate in an alliance between the partners for success in all previous projects, The members of the board of directors did establish a new alliance with a solid structure that brings together engineering and practical majors for more than 30 years of experience in the real estate field inside and outside Egypt and united under a goal, message, and one entity whose purpose is to implement real estate victories like gold whose value increases and does not rust,

The Fort

A Business Complex combines commercial, administrative, and medical functions to provide a new concept in Egypt in the New Capital, The Fort is in Downtown between two Monorail Station and is accessible from the Capital's two main entrances, Parliament, Ministries and Government, Data Center, Petroleum Sector, Gold Market, 2 Monorails, Sawt El Sahab, Car Service and Petrol Station, Hospital, University electronic Company,


A modern exterior design made of glass, all the project's units have a view of waterfall in the last 6 f floors and the last floor there is the first suspended restaurant in the administrative capital.
Location : Downtown MU2 \seventy-nine close to the monaural station.
Close to : a Main Street its width ninety meters, however, it is close to tourism towers and the government area not only this but also, it can be reached from the eastern entrance


Dinero Tower Mall, New Administrative Capital is the latest project of Golden Town Real Estate Company. It is located in plot MU6-1 in Downtown, in the heart of the capital. It extends over 5017 meters and consists of a ground floor + 14 upper floors. It is a multi-activity commercial, administrative, and hotel mall.

The spaces of the Golden Town Dinero Tower project, the administrative capital, start from 35 square meters

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