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Phase of Leasing

Phase of leasing

In this phase MRB is creating the tenant mix. It has an appealing image for all growing brands, both local and international, and it has formed partnerships with other parties who are solely focused on leasing. Finally, it has good relationships with the Egyptian brands, which makes the leasing process easy and rewarding when it comes to the prices, as the brands know that MRB will provide them with the best units that will suit their needs


The pre-leasing

In this step, the targeted brands will be chosen, and then MRB will contact them or create a marketing campaign to target them


B2B leasing

In this step, the organization’s team will review every candidate’s history, menu, managerial methodology, and proposal. to ensure that this brand will be able to pay the rent and that it will be suitable for all leasing plans in malls


Leasing management

The last step comes when MRB delivers the unit. At this stage, the company will provide the tenant with the following manuals: Tenant Design Manual, Rules and Regulations Manual, Directory Sign Manual, Implementation and Operation Manual, and FM Supervision Contract

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