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Stages Of Research


Of Research

MRB does two diverse types of research.
1- Market investigation
2- feasibility research and analysis
And those are essential to select the best project Idea as well as to generate the optimum profits



Those researchers are especially useful in establishing the optimum project for the selected location. It will study the targeted customer segment’s needs and wants, which will enable the developer to choose the perfect tenant mix, products, and services that will be established within the project that will maximize for the developer, investor, tenant, and, for sure, the end user.


Data gathering

In this step, the company’s team will collect all the data needed to identify the customers’ segmentation and needs.



In this step, the team will analyze the collected data to know what the products are, brands, services, and even styles that will fit the targeted customers’ culture.



That is the last step. Here the team will provide a report with a recommendation of the best tenant mix, facility requirements, and even the best anchor for the project.

feasibility research and analysis

This one is a financial one. It helps the developer as well as the investor to be sure that this project will not fail, and it helps estimate the amount of money that should be generated from the project.

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